Gas express LLc is providing products and services for Gas supplies. Thank to our wide knowledge, the intricate process of installing gas in a commercial kitchen is just a smooth operation.

The engineering team of Gas Express will provide the highest service in projecting and set up, because if the gas installation is not done correctly, there could be major consequences. Having gas leaks, accidental fires or something else could do serious damage to the kitchen, and more importantly, the patrons and workers of the restaurant could get injured as well. Gas installations in a commercial kitchen need to be done by experts in their field.

Nozzles and clamps, tubes and electro-valves will be wisely installed and provided thanks to the network of partners of European Companies supplying products, spare parts and sharing expertise with us.

If you are looking for a gas installation in your brand commercial kitchen, or you are looking to get a gas installation in a remodeled commercial kitchen, it is important to call Gas Express, your trusted gas supplier. 

The company is ready to supply as well cylinders on regular basis to restaurants and commercial kitchens. 

Why Us?  

  • Extensive knowledge
  • Trained and educated human resources
  • Tailor-made supply
  • Express delivery
  • Both a supplier and a solution maker


Gas express idea is to improve the safety of restaurants and other social venues with highly qualified gas implants supported by the best and certified products and supplies from Europe, respecting the environment and the future of our children


We are committed to use highly quality products and very well-trained engineers to enhance the quality of Gas services for Restaurants and Residential kitchen. With our fleet of trucks to deliver Gas Cylinders we are the ideal partner for all the restaurant and catering companies.


We offer high quality  Products.

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