Terms of service

Terms of service

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In this page are described the management terms of the website regarding the collection and use of the personal data of the user that consults it.

This informative is expressed according personal data protection law, to those who interact with the web services of  Gasexpress LLC, for the protection of personal data, accessible on the web address: www.gasexpresskw.com corresponding to the home page of www.gasexpresskw.com official website.

Gas express llc will ensures the highest commitment to the protection of the privacy of its users and the use of appropriate technologies to ensure the safety of the users of its website.

It is made exclusively for Gas express llc website and for no other websites that can be consulted by user through a link.


Collection of personal data

The personal data collected through possible forms will be treated, in an automatic manner, for the purposes clarified each time in the forms themselves. The contribution of these data is always mandatory in order to acquire the essential elements for the conclusion of the possible service required.

The information systems and software procedures set at functioning of this website, acquire, during their regular service, some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of communication internet protocol.

To this data category belong IP addresses or domain names of the computers used for connection to website, addresses in URL notation of the resources requested, date and time of request, operative system parameters, user's informative environment (software, version of the browser used), the method used when exposing the query to server, the dimension of the answer file, number code indicating the answer given by server (well done, error, etc.).


Use of cookies

A cookie is a text file of reduced dimensions saved by a Website on hard disk of the computer to memorize personal information or preferences given by the user. The data gathered through the form or acquired through internet won't be used in other context and won't be given to third parties for diverse purposes than what mentioned above. Concerning the treatment of the data, the user will be able to exercise the rights by the law.


Data Handling's Holder

Gas Express llc. is the Handling's holder, which has its legal department in Kuwait.

Handling related to the Web services of this Website takes place at the Gas express's legal department. The data identifying the users are handled only by personnel of the entitled offices.

The data identifying the users are handled only by personnel of the entitled offices.


All Rights Reserved  -  Gas Express llc 2017

All material published on www.gasexpresskw.com is the exclusive property of Gas Express llc and is protected by International Copyright. It is allowed to use it as long as the authorization is given and if the source is specified. It’s forbidden for any internet portal or magazine paper play any news and photos published by Gas Express llc Violators will be prosecuted and will respond in accordance with relevant legislation